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photo gallery, sound clips, Mandy screensaver, "Mamaloshen" info, and basic FAQ about this Tony- and Emmy-award winning singer, actor, and great all-round performer

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latest news, biographical info, discography, filmography, and more! You can even find direct links to his CDs and videos--no more tedious searching!
Read the reviews of Mandy's latest show, Mamaloshen, here.

    Mandy had a second corneal transplant in November 1998.

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Many thanks to Mandy Patinkin for being so accessible, gracious, and generous with his time and talents.

He's the first and only performer to succeed in making me a "fan". :-)

Mandy is not only a fabulous performer, but a true mensch.

*This site is not affiliated with Dodger Productions, Dodger Touring, or Mandy Patinkin; this site created for the unofficial promotion of Mandy Patinkin and his work. The images in the "Promotional" section were gathered from other Web sites in order to provide a reliable source of information about Mandy Patinkin, rather than unreliable links to other sites. Where I have been able to identify a specific source for an image, I have provided it. If you see pictures to which you hold a copyright and would either like credit or to have the image removed, please e-mail me .

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